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Welding Training Oregon


Oregon, “The Beaver State”, is one of the countries that is blessed with the beauty of the Pacific Coast, and the Columbia and Snake Rivers. Not just that, Portland, Oregon provide good variety of schools and universities which are suitable to obtain training in welding and education that you best deserve. So if you are one of those who seek for a place to gain quality education at the same time, being tangled and enticed with its natural abundance, Oregon is the best place for you. Schools which offer courses such as welding are not so strict when it comes to the qualifications of the applicants. Whether you are a natural born or a foreigner, they only require two things from you

  • High School Diploma or GED
  • General education courses in
    • Mathematics
    • Communications
    • Psychology

There are several programs offered by in Oregon. These programs are provided to meet the needs of various industries which consider welding experts as part of their frontline workforce. These programs include

  • Welding Technology Certificate
  • Associate of Applied Science in Welding Technology
  • Associate of Applied Science in Welding Fabrication

Students taking the above courses are also required to take classes in welding in Portland Oregon schools offer like

  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding
  • Oxyacetylene cutting
  • Shutting down and Safety Operating Equipment
  • Setting Up Practices

These programs provide welding certification after completion. Certification is very important in facing the more challenging jobs in welding  offer, after graduation. Welding professional can work in any of the following fields

  • Steel Construction
  • Mining
  • Outdoor (Construction Sites)
  • Vessel or Structural Steel Assembly
  • Indoor (Production and Repair Shops)

Therefore, schools in welding of Oregon is one of the essentials in creating a bright and stable future.

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