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Welding Training Colorado


Welding has become a popular choice for many high school graduate students and as well as many professionals seeking for a career change. Welding schools in Colorado are a great option in jumpstarting your career with many welding programs that is fit just right for any student who wants to have a fresh start.

Technical schools in Colorado offer a wide variety of welding programs that include.

  • Gas Metal Arc Welding
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
  • Oxyacetylene Welding
  • Pipe Code Welding

Enrolling in Colorado welding schools will not only teach you about welding limited to the four corners of the room but rather students can engage in more than just education. Colorado offers the best welding schools that have been the envy of many states and colleges. The beauty of the Rocky Mountains as well as the span of the Great Plains can inspire any student’s dream of becoming a professional certified welder.

To become a welder you must meet the basic requirements.

  • A college minimum ACT/SAT or taken college-level math and English course
  • Minimum 17 years of Age

Certifications are also part in becoming a successful welder since it can add your chances of employment. Every program you enroll in welding nets you a chance in having a welding certification of the said course. Individual certificates are available in a wide area in the field of welding these include:

  • Welding fundamentals
  • Shielded Metal Arc
  • Sculpture
  • Pipe Code
  • Comprehensive Welding

Welders who successfully complete their welding program can be rest assured of a brighter and prospering future later on in their lives.

Featured Welding Schools in Colorado

Lincoln College of Technology
Denver, CO 80223 Denver County

From its beginnings as Lincoln Technical Institute in 1946, Lincoln College of Technology currently includes our West Palm Beach, FL campus (formerly New England Institute of Technology), and our Marietta GA, Norcross GA and Henderson NV campuses (formerly Career Education Institute campuses). All Lincoln College of Technology campuses are degree-granting colleges, offering diploma and associate degree programs for a technology career.

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